The Best Health Care Career Options

When it comes to health care you have plenty of options in front of you. In fact there are literally hundreds of careers that you could choose to pursue in medical filed. The sky is the limit in this regard! Some of the career choices require a number of years of schooling such as nursing or technical jobs while others, such as medical transcription may take anywhere from a few months to a year to study for. You have to really be clear with yourself about what you want, the type of personality you have, where your skills lie and how much time you are willing to devote to your education in order to determine your health care career path.What is certain is that health care workers are needed tremendously. With the population aging rapidly and people living longer all of the time certified professionals are needed to provide medical attention and treatment. As people age they tend to have more health care concerns. As more baby boomers retire this also opens up more jobs for the younger generation.Nursing is one of the best career options to pursue in today’s world. Within the nursing realm you have a variety of routes that you could choose to follow. If you want to choose the option that will involve the shortest period of schooling then choose to train to be a certified nursing assistant or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). It will take you a year of study for these nursing occupations.If you want to become a registered nurse (RN) you will need to study for two years at a university level. Another level of the nursing career is that for nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists. After obtaining your RN degree you will need to study for an additional two to three years in order to pursue either one of these top paying nursing positions. These careers are very demanding and stressful but come with plenty of rewards.If you lean more towards the technical side then there are plenty of options for you in the health care sector. Medical technologists and technicians play an integral role in the field of medicine. Specialized training is required for these positions as is the need to be very detail oriented. Those wishing to become medical technicians must complete their bachelor’s degree in the field that they wish to pursue. Examples of these types of jobs include laboratory research technicians who gather date to determine causes and treatments for health issues and cytotechnologists whose job it is to analyze blood for abnormalities and diseases.There are health care careers that can be thought of as quick careers that do not take years and years of education and study but are still very viable health care careers. It may take you anywhere from a few months to a year to study for these careers but the pay will be well above minimum wage. Phlebotomists for instance are individuals who draw blood from patients. It generally takes one or two school semesters to get certified for this career path. This is just one of the many types of quick careers you can choose from. If you do a search over the Internet you will be presented with plenty of options to pick from.