Universal Health Care – Friend Or Foe?

One of the most significant issues we face today is health care and it’s one that we’ve always faced. So much so in fact that after World War 2, President Harry Truman advocated for it and yet we still don’t have universal health care for all Americans. This is something that can be attained if we’re able to develop the right plans.Right now most of the proposals suggest that what we should do is charge businesses more and force them to pay the cost of health care for their employees and then we should let people go out and pay outrageous prices for insurance companies. That’s going the complete wrong way.What we as a society have to do is set up a voucher system where everyone in the country gets a voucher. All you have to do is simply sign up for it, you don’t pay for it because “we”, as in everyone, is going to pay for this via a retail sales tax. What the voucher will do is allow you to have a choice of your doctor, your hospital, you name it. The entire medical history of every single American will be computerized so that regardless of where you are in the country, you’ll be able to go to a doctor and they’ll be able to punch in your pin and they’ll have access to your full records to review and then make entries for that visit.This is the system that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs uses. People that get their medications from the VA see first hand how this system works and how wonderful it is. It does away with the paper and because of that, the costs drop significantly. Paper costs money.I don’t believe that we need to raise taxes to provide universal health care. What we need to do is to make it considerably more efficient than it is right now. We should go with a voucher system and stay away from socking it to the businesses because that is not their job. We need to free up businesses so that they can be more competitive in the global marketplace and wouldn’t have to carry the cost of insurance for health care on it’s back. We’ve made that mistake for 40 years and we have to stop doing that. I think that we can arrive at a plan that is a voucher plan where everybody receives the same adequate services and then if people want more, they could pay more insurance. That is what I consider a fair universal health care plan.